It's not just a Rogue-like; it's an epic adventure built on Rogue-like foundations. What's a Rogue-like? Rogue-likes are dungeon-crawler games that started back in the '80s featuring randomnly generated dungeons; where the gameplay is primarily focused on survival against the odds. Daring Legends aims to be a full-featured RolePlaying Game that dynamically adjusts itself to your actions to give you and your friends a truely unique experience. The idea is to give a modern face-lift to the Rogue-like genre (such as full 3D environments and first-person perspective) without abandoning what made old-school games great.

I'm working on a prototype. What? You think people just say "Hey! I'm making a game!" and BLAMO! the game's done properly and working as intended? No, silly! You make prototypes to make sure various game systems works so that, once you do production, you know what pitfalls to avoid

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  • First Person
      Experience a rogue-like in full 3D. It's not a hack-and-slash, but it's not a turn-based tactic game either.
  • Randomly Generated Content
      Explore a different world each time you start a new game. Find unique items, walk into new towns, meet new characters, delve deep into uncharted dungeons and discover your destiny.
  • Dynamic Skill System
      No needlessly complex skill points investment. Your abilities evolve dynamically as you play. Become any sort of character you want to be.
  • Permanent Death
      Play wisely as your next endeavour might be your last. Pack extra rations or try to survive with what you find. There are monstrous creatures and deadly traps waiting for you.
  • Online Multiplayer
      Play cooperatively online with your friends. Watch where you swing your sword as there is friendly fire.